Jonas Brothers @ Oakland Arena - Happiness Begins Tour

December 12, 2019. Section 113 Row 1 Seats 9-10.

Oakland Arena - I've been to plenty concerts and venues myself and I say this one is a good place. I love the clear directions on where to go for your seating. Lots of staff so you will not have any trouble finding someone to ask for help. Parking is expensive though compare to others. Seating typical, you will not be able to walk in front of people without them standing up.
Parking $40 - we parked at A6 and it was walkable to the arena. I suggest if you're okay to walk even after concerts, park farther so when the even is gone, it is easier for you to leave as vehicles will line up to leave the venue. Be smart where to turn but always be careful as people is around.
2010 end of first act
2027 start bebe rexha
1st & 2nd songs was her popular ones
3rd friends with a monster
4th better now post malone
5th call you mine
6th hey mama
7th with volunteer guest david cortez to dance
8th name of love
9th meant to be
2057 done

2116 DJ Delease said bye
2127 start jB
Roller coaster
Only human
That’s just the way we roll
Fly with me
2157 kevin talked - used to be the one walk to middle
Gotta find you - back to main stage after song

Cake by the ocean
When you look me in the eyes
I believe
(Mash Ups)
Old song?
Another old song?
Play my music
Another old one?
Hold on?
Old one again?

Love bug
Year 3000
2251 out
2252 back

Burnin up
2259 done total of 20 of complete songs + 7 partial combined.
Bebe Rexha - I only know a handful of her songs but her singing live is pretty good. You will not get bored as she dances as well with two back up dancers. They're outfits look hot but not too revealing (only her cleavage). On the 7th song she did, she asked a volunteer to go dance with them on stage and it was fire. David Cortez is such a fun guest to watch with her while she sings. I am so happy to have her as the front act and I didn't even know about it.
Jonas Brothers - Talk about a happy girl inside me watching them smile and really appreciate the fans from years ago up to this point. Their chemistry onscreen is nothing compare how they seem performing. Lots of production but not too distracting (except for the confetti which happened twice). This is such a fun concert yet the only complain I can say is not the artists but the little kids screaming to every little word they say. I guess after all the concerts I went to, I'm getting too old for this? Anyway, I am so glad I purchased these tickets as a Christmas gift to myself.

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