Maneki, The Pink Door, Grill City, Happy Lemon, Arashi Ramen, The Cheesecake Factory, Kehaulani's Cafe, Tuk Tuk Thai, Rookie's Bar

All about food, again! Below is 9 restaurants to look at. Make sure you're balancing it with working out.
Maneki in Seattle, WA. - We are so happy to walk around this corner and found out from people waiting as well that this restaurant serves good Japanese cuisine. They do. We arrive early before 1730 and found out reservation is necessary or they are booked up almost all the time already. Since we ere the first in line, we waited to be seated at the bar and few minutes later the lady who told us bar is okay without reservation said somebody cancelled and we got a table.

Hand rolls - salmon skin (good) & California (tasty). Beef sukuyuki is amazing and Takoyaki is delicious. I tried one sashimi and I stopped after one because I don't like the consistency even though it's nice (I've never eaten before). Shrimp tempura is a must for me and it passed my taste buds. Cod fish is such a juicy meal to try. 
Grill City in South Center Mall, Tukwila, WA. - Typical Filipino food, I was disappointed with the fried chicken so I stole my husband's sinigang. Okoy was men according to my husband. Won't go back.

The Pink Door - Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA. - Thanks to my friend Sam, we had a reservation weeks in advance but what we got is still kind of late 2115. We were seated not where you can hear the band so I was not thrilled on that part as entertainment is one of things they are famous for.

For appetizers, cheese deluxe was ordered an d I regret it. I was thinking I would enjoy the pairing, there are some I did but in the end we didn't really finish the whole thing and there's three of us. Pink Door Lasagna is bomb and I mean amazing that I will go back for that meal. My husband fish of the day is really fresh and my friend's food is interesting. Only thing I can say is their servings is not as big as the other restaurants that makes you unhealthy full. With that said, we ordered desserts - and both are delicious.
Happy Lemon - Tukwila, WA. I got the Taro milk tea with 30% sugar and 50% ice and I love it! So glad my friend Sam introduced me here and we tasted the bubble waffle which I will go back for. We tried the original and chocolate, with cream and oreo dip. All pair are extremely good. Unfortunately, not all Happy Lemon have snacks like this branch here and not all Happy Lemon has the same menu for drinks.

Arashi Ramen in Tukwila, WA. Best ramen I've tasted since my husband and I left south California. I got the Shio Tonkutsu and my friend got the Spicy Miso and both are extremely yummy. Appetizers we got were takoyaki (I like it) and fried chicken (forgot the real name, was okay). Service is fast and at dinner time, there's a wait for at about an hour. Put your name on the list when you get in.

The Cheesecake Factory in Stoneridge Mall, Pleasanton, CA. Sliders for appetizers but we got it after eating halfway our entrees. It was okay, but not memorable. His fish is good though and serving was just the right amount. We got the Dulce de Leche cheesecake and it was good but too sweet. There's still no competition for their original cheesecake.

Kehaulani's Cafe - Vallejo, CA. Pork belly in a bread for appetizer (good!). Congee is amazing that I want my parents to try it. My order which is the slow cooked beef - such a must! It's so soft that you literally don't need to chew it to eat it.

Homemade spam is calling my name so my husband ordered it as a side and I liked it. Not sure how they made it but I will order that again. Only thing is the food took a little while and there was only one other group aside from us eating on a Sunday morning.
Tuk Tuk Thai in Berkeley, CA. Chicken Stay for appetizer is a must on a Thai place for us and this one is good especially with the peanut butter sauce. I never tried my husband's order but he said it was good (our leftovers was also our dinner). I got the fried rice with chicken and I love it - huge servings obviously! Fast service.

Rookies Sports Bar & Grill in Benicia, CA. I love their fries, heavy on the stomach especially with alcohol. Their chicken fingers is okay, good to munch in a bar. Nachos are typical and a bit too spicy for me. Service is fast on a Wednesday. Cool bar.

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