Palace of Fine Arts, Presidio Park, Ripley's, Madame Tussauds, Hop on Hop Off

My friend and I explored these 5 places in San Francisco on Thanksgiving Day. We tried more but it was closed due to the holiday so here are the open ones.
Palace of Fine Arts - Free parking. Beautiful place. Such a nice stroll for friends to talk about anything, going on dates as it is quite romantic if you want it to be. Lots of birds surrounding the area. I kind of regret not knowing about this place earlier. Only reason we didn't stay as much as we want to is because I was freezing in the morning so put layers on!
Presidio Park - Unfortunately, Walt Disney Museum was closed when we visited so we walked to the visitor center of the park and it said it open at 1000, it did not. Even though we did not enter any of the attractions here, I still believe this location is a nice past time for anyone.
Ripley's Believe it or Not! - Not all of the information is that interesting but then again, interesting is subjective. I love the interactive part since it makes you think or do to make the experience more fun. This is really helpful especially for kids who tends to get bored reading LOTS of stories (like me).
Madame Tussauds - This was a lot of fun and tend to be really quick. We didn't take pictures as much where some people take with every stars they pass on. It's quite cool that the celebrities are categorized where they belong: sports, musicians, actors, etc.
Hop on Hop Off - We started at the beginning and did not get out until the 16th stop. That whole trip took more than 2 hours of our time. We could've gone out and ride back again but we started late and didn't have the time to roam around and ride back up. So if you want to enjoy this, make sure to have the whole day and study the map if you can to know which stops you will have to go down in order to explore your interests.
This itself can make your time in San Francisco worthwhile. If you have time, this is a good idea instead of driving around downtown. Just sit down and enjoy the city; you can avoid driving in busy traffic and paying for parking.

San Francisco The Dungeon - It has good theatrics and amazing anticipation but not a lot of scare tatctics in my friend and It's opinion. We didn't know they have this ride at the end but you only do it one time. They have a story line from the beginning up to the end. No recordings allowed.

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