Aquarium of the Bay, K1 Speed, Maritime Museum, Exploratorium, SFMOMA, The Beat Museum

We explored these places on Black Friday 2019. I was thinking to say it was not too crowded but it actually was. I guess we were not the only one wanting to roam around instead of taking advantage of the biggest sale in US.
Aquarium of the Bay - Lots of fun and information. I personally enjoyed touching the manta ray since they are so cute. This place is quite small though compared to other 'aquarium\ocean world' that I've been too. Also, the pathway where kind of confusing at first. Should you go to the second floor, third or the basement? So we kind of went twice to one of the floors.
K1 Speed GO Kart South San Francisco - This was our first time and as an adrenaline junkie myself, I completely regret why I haven't tried this one before. One race gives you enough rush to really say I was high on that track. Kids to adults, this is a must try. I love where the race is per your own time and not by placement meaning you don't need to crash each either to be first, just finish the track in your own fastest way. Be careful though as some are not so fat learning the mechanics and some are stupid enough to not brake fully (I got hit). If you know how to drive, you should know when and the distance you need to have to not bump into anybody. Free parking and service is quite nice and fast.
San Francisco Maritime Museum - Free admission, no free parking though unless you can find somewhere that you are comfortable with to leave all day. Quick walk and you're done. See it once though, there are some interesting stories about people who travel via sea in situations you'd think it is impossible. You can see upfront that this museum is well kept.
Exploratorium - I can stay here all day and still not finish the whole place. Good news, it was so crowded when we got here we finished it in less than half day. Bad news, it was too crowded and I wish I could've done more. So much to do with different subject for everyone. Kids are not the only one who will enjoy this place. You want to learn about anything and everything? You want your kid to know what they are interested in? You want to do something for a date? Go here.
San Francisco Museum of Modern Arts - Such a huge exhibit of creativity. Not for everyone cup of tea though. As my friend and I walk more through different levels of this place, we mostly point and say how is that an art. How are people paying for this much for some of the simplest art that a kid can draw. With this comment, that's how you know I have no percentage of artist in my body.
There's plenty of video where you can sit and watch, not listen though as some are just images or videos but the sound sucks. Again, I'm no artist. Just a plain traveller who's giving her honest opinion. See it at least once?
The Beat Museum - Interesting place and location. Lots of books and I bought three myself for my own collection. Museum is quick yet not so well kept - there's a smell that's not appealing. Some may say it's the books I say it's the old everything that's not getting cleaned often. Once you get over that, it's an informative surrounding.

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