Crab Station, The Crepe Cafe, Coco Tea, Rooster & Rice, Go Fish, Quickly, 3 Star Restaurant, Cabalen, Yeung's Lotus Express, Good Day Cafe, Hungry Bear, Bengal BBQ

Below will be a total of 14 restaurants - LONG POST. Some are dine in, fast food, within the mall, and what not. Munch in!
Crab Station @ Fisherman's Wharf, CA. - This is what calls you once enter the Fisherman's Wharf and as I caved in on my third time being in the area, I'm so glad I did and enjoyed their quick yet delicious feast. Downside on this is no seating, just be comfortable standing and eating while tons of people walk beside you and most of the time bump you as well since there's really no place for anyone. Get the chowder without the bread as for me, it will be too much since the lobster roll already have a big bread.
Lobster Roll & Cup of Chowder
Total with taxes $33.17
Dessert in front of this restaurant - We passed my this little store inside a huge restaurant and tried their chocolate crepe cake (few bites and I'm already done). Maybe because I was full from lunch? But isn't that the power of good dessert though, no matter how much full you are you will indulge but this dessert place did not do that for me. Their matcha ice cream is not for me so I couldn't tell if it was good or not, I just straight up hate it but the waffle where it sits though, hella good and fresh.

The Crepe Café @ Pier 39, CA. - Long line especially in the afternoon up to their closing. I tasted only there on flavor crepe and it's not worth the hype. I'd say it's too sweet but dessert is what I ordered so no surprise there. Maybe change the sizing? I love the fries though, not too oily, just right amount of crisp. Fast service always though.
Ghirardelli Chocolate $7.95
Small combo w/ fries and coffee $7.25
Total with taxes $17.15
Coco Tea in Downtown in San Francisco, CA. - I love their Taro mile tea (my go to order). Fast service and big enough for a hang out place in downtown San Francisco. Would love to drop by again when I walk around this area.
Rooster & Rice in The Marina in San Francisco, CA. - I'm so happy I got a glimpse of their sign when we were shopping on a nearby store. I knew it calls me as I love chicken and rice growing up. It is really small to dine in here but since it's just my husband and I it was perfect. They are quick as most of the food is already prepared and heated up. A lot of people call in and pick up their order which we would love to do but we don't live nearby. Definitely a delicious meal anytime of the day. My husband even wanted to buy to go for dinner, that's how much we loved it.
Stoneridge Mall in Pleasanton, CA.
Go Fish Poke Bar - Husband said he loved it and was looking happy when he was eating it so I guess it's good and they are fast too. Healthy so always good option.
Quickly - Chicken was good but a little too oily for my taste - took a little while to and they were not busy when we were here. Spam with the rice and wrap though was really good, I would love to learn this on my own. Their taro milk tea were too sweet even though I specifically said 30% sugar.
3 Star Restaurant in Vallejo, CA. - The eggplant meal was bomb! I don't usually eat eggplant unless it was fried with egg but this one was just so delicious and quite addictive. Real good since it is a vegetable. Fried rice was pretty amazing as well and has huge serving. Their congee is the only disappointing order we had, it was boring and needing some revamp.
Cabalen Cuisine in Vallejo, CA. - I love their buko pie and this is the reason I wanted to go here. We tried their Beef steak really good but huge chunks of beef so I was surprised since typically this is cooked with thin slices. My husband who is a good cook loved their Mechado as well. But oh but, their combo meal promo is so confusing to a point we keep repeating ourselves and at the end the one helping as asked another co worker and we feel like we paid more than usual. Lots of restrictions to that 'promo'. I would be happier if they have little sizes of buko pie so we don't have to commit to the big one. The Cream puff was so BAD. It taste so bitter, one bite of it I knew I'm never going to try it again.
Buko Pie - $12.50
Cream Puff - $1.75 Salty and just bad. One bite and I hated it.
2 cups of rice and 1 entree - $7.99
1 small entree - $5.49
Total with taxes $28.86
Yeung's Lotus Express in Sun Valley Mall Concord, CA. - We will never eat on this place again. They serve so fast to a point they want to get rid of you. No, this is not correct in terms of making your customers happy. They serve the food fresh so that's a point but asking and pressuring to make a decision is not acceptable. Not only that, they misunderstood our order. We asked for 1 and they gave us 2 combo meal which turned out too much and only good probably because we were hungry on a crowded mall.
Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar Milk Tea in Sun Valley Mall Concord, CA. - One size milk teas for $5.25 each. I love the recyclable containers which we did use after washing. Taro milk was okay, still a little sweet even tough I requested less sugar. My husband's Honeydew though came out WARM. Yes, a warn milk tea which he didn't finish until he put in on the fridge and rank later that day.
1 Taro - pretty good, a little too sweet. 
1 Honeydew - WARM when received. 
Total with taxes $13.05
Good Day Cafe in Vallejo, CA. - I love their thin crispy pancakes. I didn't finish it all but was so happy later that day when I did since it was still good. French toast are meh compare to a restaurant nearby that we really love. Service is a little slow (again compare to another favorite restaurant of ours) probably because this place is bigger. Husband is not really a fan of this place so the only reason that we come back is if I really want those pancakes.
Hungry Bear in Disneyland, CA. - Fries were quite good. Make sure to order via mobile so you won't stand in the line for too long. The cheeseburger I had was just okay, not a reason for me to go eat here again. My husband's onion rings were good or so he says.
Bengal BBQ in Disneyland, CA. - I love their food! EXCEPT the disgusting garlic bread. Out of all the garlic bread I've tasted in my 25 years of existence, this is by far the worst. It was cold, hard and just tastes bad. Now that the con is gone, my husband and I love this restaurant! They were fast and easy to deal with. Once the order arrived, at first glance I told my husband we will order another one and one bit for the both of us he said right away, go ahead and order another one. So glad to find a delicious food in an amusement park.
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