Go City San Francisco $180.69 savings!

This is a summary of how much we saved because of the Go City Savings package for San Francisco for two days. There are two ways to get this deal:
1. On the website itself 
2. Groupon's link
On the website it gives you an amount of $137 (without any discount).
On the Groupon it costs $105 which that right there is already more savings for you. I purchased my tickets on Groupon and signed up for the member thingy where you can cancel at any moment you'd like but will give you more savings so I ended up paying only $94.50.

We went to 5 places on Thanksgiving and 5 places on Black Friday in the year 2019. I enlisted the prices INDIVIDUALLY. There are some combinations within the attraction that can also save you much if you don't want to do this whole shebang.
If you don't have the energy to walk as much as my friend and I did then you won't save as much as we did so make sure to know what you want to do and where to go. My friend planned our itinerary so we know what to tackle next after the previous attraction. Time is gold!
Palace of Fine Arts - Free
Presidio Park - Free
Walt Disney Museum - $25.00 (it was closed when we were here)
Ripley's Believe it or Not! - $23.00
Madame Tussauds - $28.00
SF The Dungeon - $28.00
Hop on Hop off Big Bus - $55.00
Aquarium of the Bay - $29.25
K1 Speed - $23.99
Maritime Museum - Free
Exploratorium - $29.95
SF Museum of Modern Arts - $25.00
The Beat Museum - $8.00
TOTAL: $275.19
Books I bought in The Beat Museum which hopefully I saved.
$24.88 including taxes for all three:

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