Paying for insurance - Is it Worth it?

This is for a whole year 2019 of paying for insurance thru my work. I'm trying to justify if it's even worth it but then again, I don't want to jinx our health just to 'use' the so called benefits. They take off $89 each week for my husband and I so in 52 weeks that's a total of more than $4628 (there are cents after the $89 but I did not include them).
For both my husband and I:
  1. Blood draw for lab sample $13 - paid 0.
  2. Complete blood count lab test $40 - paid 0.
  3. Potassium level lab test $34 - paid 0.
  4. Blood creatinine level lab test $27 - paid 0.
  5. Transferase alanine amino (ALT) level lab test $27 - 0.
  6. Thyroid Stimulating hormone (TSH) lab test $87 - paid 0.
  7. Hemoglobin A1c lab test $50 - paid 0.
  8. Lipid panel lab test $69 - paid 0.
  9. IADNA Human Papillomavirus $182 - paid 0.
  10. Eye exam $207 - paid 0.
  11. Lens eye wear prescription $50 - paid 0.
Individual: $957 X 2 = $1914
Mine alone:
  1. Pap lab test $110 - paid 0.
  2. Physician assessment phone call $140 - paid 0.
  3. Birth Control $365 for a hole year - paid 0.
Together with my extras: $1914 + $530 = $2444.
In short I paid a little more than $4628 to only use the amount of $2739 - a loss of $1889.
Is insurance worth it? All depends on your health condition. As for my husband and I, we only use it for the annual routine check up that's why as of the moment we haven't paid a dime. But if we have a choice to NOT get insurance? I say we won't get it. Unless it's cheaper. You might say why do we stay with Kaiser? Service. That's the answer right away. One stop shop. I did not get any dental nor eye insurances. Just the lowest tier our company has to offer. The total above is for a married couple who only did the annual routine check up and two phone call 'check up' so I say quite a clean record.

2015 - 2018 is a completely different outcome since I was on skin treatment (video below) twice so I had to see a dermatologist on a regular basis and the copay adds up. My cyst was acting up too many times so I had to see surgeons about it, multiple clinic visits because of this. Plus I was single and under my mom's insurance meaning I was not paying for myself.
Even though above is for Finances, I put two videos below because why not. It's about my skin journey & unboxing of a laser - watch it if you life :)

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