There's always going to be a problem - How do I deal with it.

Not sure how to start this post. I am writing this on a Monday - January 13, 2020. First thing first - Happy New Year! I know this will be read almost two weeks later after New Year's Day (if there's anyone reading at all). But I think it is time for another personal post about what is going on with my life. Wow, that sounds dramatic but I will try my best not to be. Since I will not posting pictures on this intimate entry, enjoy the video below that I made last year about well, last year - 2019.
Three things has happened on this day, not even noon when I received the news/experienced it. To my husband and parents, I apologize in advance because I will be sharing maybe a bit too much. Again, not that anybody reads these posts of mine.
  1. USCIS is still not processing my husband's error in his Green Card. When we received his GC March 2019, it should have a validity of 2 years up to 2021. The year written in his card is dated 2018 instead of 2019. Since this was their error, I made another request to replace this GC of his. We went to his biometrics appointment on his actual birthday back in September and up to this point, no updates or anything. On the GC, it will expire in March 2020 (because of their error). So we have no choice but to keep bugging USCIS and every single time we do, they can't seem to grasp that we want to talk to a Tier 2. That means calling AND reaching a representative before 0800 PST. Or else, we will have to call back again because Tier 2 agents only receive call up to 1100 EST. This morning in particular, my husband and I waited maybe half an hour to speak with a Tier 1 to request to talk into Tier 2 and the line was choppy and she freaking hung up on my husband. COME ON. We waited that long and they didn't have the courtesy to call the number back. Oh, I didn't mention that last Thursday we were told a Tier 2 is going to call my husband but they NEVER did. What an amazing process.
  2. Last year we received a 'free' trip to Hawaii with airfare for two. We only had to pay taxes and such. I booked it, paid what needs to be paid and was excited to be in a place we've never been. I called today to ask what the hell is going on and how come I never received a call about it when the trip is supposed to happen next month. I called at least three times to confirm this and they keep saying oh yes an agent will call you soon - today I was told it was cancelled and all the money I sent will be refunded. Don't get me wrong, the person who talked to me was quite nice and she tried to say  'hey you got money for your next trip' and I'm like, well that is my money, it wasn't free and I'm not going to get the 'free' trip I was offered. So, there's nothing I can do but wait for that check and accept fully that the trip I was excited about is not happening.
  3. My mom signed papers to something she couldn't commit. Now they need my help financially. It feels like a never ending process of borrowing. I told her, it's new year. Change and clean it up. She said it's hard without any money and I said I know that, that's why in the first place, you don't think of this as an unimportant aspect. Everyone I'm close with knows I'm obsessed with credits and what not, but not to gloat, but to be prepared and not do something harsh that will kick me in the butt plenty of times. Last month, there was a leak again in their house and I lent my credit card for it to be fixed. I don't regret helping of course, it was necessary and will be a domino effect if not fixed right away. Water getting more expensive then the gas gets more expensive since it makes the water warm. I feel like this is a yearly thing now from reading my old posts.
So now, instead of crying like a baby screaming how is my life not perfect, I try to live with this. We are doing the most we can to fix my husband's situation even though it was not our fault in the first place. Next is that I'll just put the money that I will be getting back into savings (Lord knows it went $0 after the holidays). We can always go to the place in the future if I really prioritize it. Then with my parents situation, I just pray they change some ways on how they look at their money and fix it up somehow. I will always help them out if I can as their only child.

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