Amaze Light Festival @ Silver Lakes

My mom bought our tickets for this Christmas Attraction in South California about 3 days before it closes so they had a sale of $15 per ticket on Facebook which was normally for $25 each person. Parking costs $10 and the walk to it wasn't bad - just wear layers as it is cold and gets colder as time gets later.
We've been to plenty of city fair and lights festival during the holidays so we know what we are up to. This particular place don't have any rides but they do have ice skating rink for kids and bouncy playhouse. It also has a little corner where you can sit and just chill looking at the lights or the lake at night. Feels romantic.
They had two big teddy bears to take pictures with. The one with my husband with is the small one so yes, the other one is huge. Two mascots were walking around with a chaperone, dancing and waving to people and always welcome a photo to whoever is interested on getting some. We like the three big Christmas trees in the middle where the lights changes that's reflected to it to whatever music is playing by the beat. Quite entertaining.
We ate 4 meals from one of them many food truck they had. It was decent but took long to cook in a place like this. My mom said they try to control the people by putting a time in your ticket just so crowd can be managed. You can hang out here from opening until they close if you want to stick outside with a different view than your place.
There is a stage on the right side before the exit but we didn't stay long enough to see if there's anyone performing. We're glad to experience this at least once. It was not crowded like Festival of Lights in Riverside and it doesn't have the traffic like Orange County or LA Fair.

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