Chase Slate Approved after Pending - 4 Credit Limit Increases

It's been more than a year since I posted something about credit cards. It's time. I've been a good citizen for at least a year of no hard pulls due to credit reasons and I say it's time for some updates. I have a total of four credit limit increases and one approved new credit card. Let's start with my credit limit increases.
  1. American Express Everyday - from 24.7 to 30K. Quite interesting as I tried 6 times before getting approved.
  2. Citi Double Cash - from 11.2 to 13.2K.
  3. Discover IT - from 12.8 to 15.8K.
  4. Victoria Secret Comenity - from 2.4 to 3.4K.
Scores were 803 in Transunion and 803 in Experian from January 2020.
My fico forums profile here. Most of my updates are usually on this website and not here on my blog (I summarize it here if it's been a while) as to not repeat the same stories I have. The last credit limit increases above prior this current summary are not listed on my blog (probably on the fico forum site I mentioned).
Chase Slate approval happened in 5 days. 3 business days if you don't count the weekend. I applied on a Friday, called them on a Wednesday so it's a full 3 days and talked to a lending officer for my profile to be looked at. Put on hold for not even a minute to be told I got approved :)
Tips, wait until three days like I did as to not show you are so hungry with credit. Mine says 30 days from the robot-lady every time I call and thought, what could be the reason for the wait when I have clean record. I thought it might be like the previous application of mine with them where I thought I was declined but received the letter from them requesting to provide my social then was approved.
Disappointing with the limit though as I know I have good scores but I'll take what I can get and transferred some of my limit from my Disney Visa from Chase to make it higher since I will take advantage of the Balance Transfer offer.
Pay your balances ON TIME and be patient. Be smart as much as you can!

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