Christmas Gifts 2019 + Why I stopped buying for 1 year - shoes, bags, clothes.

These are the gifts I received on Christmas 2019 :)
Thank you to my mama, papa, and husband for all these beautiful and thoughtful items.

  1. Belt bag from Lululemon. - Looks like my husband can tell that I keep looking at belt bags.
  2. Pants from Lululemon. - Perfect size, with pockets! Hubby knows me well.
  3. Bag from my parents travel. - Used it already for a whole day in Disneyland.
  4. Sweater dress from Tommy Hilfiger. - Comfy AF and that was used again in Disneyland.
  5. Tights. - Not shown properly but I used it with the pink dress on the photo.
  6. Cutest vest I've seen (panda). - from parents travel.
My gift to the hubby is a carry on luggage as he didn't have one ever and always share with me when we go somewhere. I gave my papa a big perfume with a bag for traveling (comes with it) and performance tickets to my mama (which is for two so I told her it's also my gift for her birthday which is in January).
Did I succeed NOT buying for 1 year - shoes, bags, clothes:
Before 2018 ends, I started to think what would be my resolution was for 2019. One of those is to NOT buy shoes, bags, and clothes. Why? Just cause? Nope. Lots of reasons. If you want to know why - watch my video I won't be redundant about it.
Other apparel I missed on the video above:
  1. Sweater from my husband bought in H&M for less than $10 for his holiday party at work. Like I mentioned in the video above, I keep telling him I'll just wear one of the four dresses I only had for more than 5 months. He was not happy and we decided to wear ugly sweater to his party.
  2. 6 Underwear from Victoria's Secret (this might be too much information for some people but like I always do, I'm just keeping it real). Around November, I saw a good deal of 10 panties for only $35. I told my mom about it and she said she needs new ones so I figured ok let's half it and we did (I paid for it but never got until we went home last week of December and never used it until 2020). Oh, that 1 panty? I got the usual birthday gift card from VS and used it to buy one which had me paid $0.54.
  3. Another sleepwear that I bought for myself that is technically a gift my husband. It was his birthday. You get the gist. If I remember it correctly, it was around $30.
Little summary from the video, I tell myself that I did it about 90% success rate. And also planning on continuing this challenge for myself in this new year 2020. Granted I had little help now than before as I got more jackets of mine from my parents' house and the dresses that I originally planned on bringing back in the middle of the year.
So, we'll see! Lesson I am trying to spread out is - Value your things.

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