Fast Pass @ Disney + Droid & Light Saber Making

Disney Fast Pass - We went to Disneyland in Anaheim, California on December 27, 2019. It was peak season so we decided to get the Fast Pass. We are aware about this option because of Universal Studios version Express Pass which we did back in October 2018 (had a blast!). I didn't know there would be lots of differences between the two.
  1. You have to wait until the ride opens the window to a SPECIFIC time which then you can reserve. It is not available all the time.
  2. Once you book a ride, you have to wait at least an hour and a half, yes you read that correctly - 90 minutes of waiting before you can book another fast pass if and only if, the ride you want is still available.
  3. If the ride you want opens up, you have to push buttons QUICKLY or else that time you wanted will be gone. There are so many times where it's my husband that's leading to where we were going while he holds me or I hold him while I try to book us a fast pass for whatever ride is available.
  4. In case the ride is having difficulties, you can transfer that fast pass but only LIMITED to certain rides. That is correct, not all rides has the same 'level' if that's what they call it.

Comparing the passes from both amusement parks, it's pretty clear that Disneyland loses all the way. AT Universal Studios, you don't have to book, you don't have to fight for an opening, you don't have to wait in order to book again, it's just no hassle completely.
All in all we are glad we got the fast pass and rode MANY rides on this day - they stopped selling tickets @ 1330 because of how crowder the park is already. And yet my husband and I (with my powers of non stop checking and booking) we made it worth it. Also - be aware of the SINGLE RIDE. I told my husband he definitely needs to try the Space Mountain and we waited on the exit area where they call in if it's available, we got in and had photos to show <3
Making our own droid BB unit - This has been a lot of fun and quite surprisingly fast! My husband had a reservation for the morning and after the usual long line to enter Disneyland we went straight the Star Wars Galaxy Edge and find where the Droid Depot is at. They will ask you if you have an appointment or not and always try to make one. If you are going to do a walk in, make sure to do it earliest if you can as we saw how the line can be tripled later the day. We named ours BB-12.
Savi's Workshop - Handbuilt Lightsabers - This activity is reservations only. I myself can definitely say this is nothing like making the droid. Not only the toys themselves are nowhere the same, the experience for this one is longer and more 'ceremonial'. My husband made our reservations the night before and I told him to choose the night time so we don't have to carry it all day plus staying in one place after HOURS of walking can make you feel a little bit rested. If you want to see how the whole process takes off, watch our videos for making of droid and light sabers :)

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