Cypress Tree Tunnel & Point Reyes Shipwreck

We went on a Saturday to Point Reyes and even though not all items on my checklist were done, it was still a beautiful and chilly day for my husband and I. After eating lunch, we went to a site where we see lots of people going and taking pictures of which is the Point Reyes Shipwreck. Around past noon, it's already low tide so people can in near the boat.
We went back here few weeks later and yes, when it is high tide, there's no way people can walk around to be as close as we were so take advantage of it while you can. Unexpected yet quite entertaining to see it. Parking is limited yet people is pretty quick in this place as just taking pictures is all you can do.
Straight from the shipwreck is the Cypress Tree Tunnel - free parking outside or inside. Outside parking is just beside the road, can be quite crowded and have traffic if people aren't careful. Inside has maybe ten lots which you can wait around for people to leave. You can walk or hang around as long as you want for no fees at all. A lot either park outside or inside and walk maybe half if the length to take pictures.
A little drive more, we stopped by South Beach accidentally as service were not that reliable in this part of the park. Lots of people probably had the same thought as we had where follow where the people go and see what's in there. Good scenery, nothing memorable though as it's another typical beach in California. Like I said it was pretty chilly so there's no way my husband and I thought of swimming even though this national park is full of water.
The goal was to go to the light house, but as life is always tricking us, we were just minutes late to hop on a shuttle and be taken into the number one goal in my mind. As my husband tried to make me smile again (and did eventually), we still went to Drake beach where the shuttle goes from and to the light house and Chimney Rock but there cut off is @ 1500. So remember that! We had no idea :)
We hung out in Drake Beach for a while. Well, if you say an hour and a half is not a while then yeah sure we were here for a long time. After seeing the male elephant seals, we went a little up to a trail on the right which shows the ocean in a different view. No sense in going up a little more so we went back down and as I wanted to go home my husband insisted on we stayed and voila, male elephant seals fought many times as I recorded it <3
Nothing can beat nature. You don't need to spend to enjoy your day. Have fun!


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