Lighthouse Visitor Center & Lifeboat Station + Chimney Rock

On another Saturday of our lives, my husband and I tried to go to the Lighthouse of Point Reyes Center. This is our 4th try. First was when I wanted to go camping on my birthday but had no reservations. Second was we got here too late and did not know that we needed to walk 2 miles to the campground. Third was when we were just minutes away when the tickets for the shuttle closed.
Of course, it was too windy this day. So, we did not go inside the lighthouse itself. They will tell you upfront if the stairs are closed if the wind exceed 40mph. And when we arrived to the observation deck, it made sense why it's necessary to really close it all as it's too dangerous to climb 313 steps with that much wind trying to swoop you away.
Thank goodness to past me who prepared scarves and gloves in the trunk of the vehicle. See, I told you it would come to use! (talking to myself).  It was really necessary as the pressure from the wind will not only make you chilly but also sway you as you walk or even just stand.
Shuttle from the Drake Beach was $7 each it has two stops: Lighthouse & Chimney Rock. It only goes one way so please remember that and don't demand to be taken to lighthouse after you are done on Chimney Rock. The shuttle was good in my opinion especially at the front where there's a table and has a good view of the front.

They have shuttles on most weekends and holidays to help control the crowd. Please check the official site regarding open hours. I do prefer riding the shuttle because it's a winding road on both destinations. Better that me and whoever that driver is enjoy the scenery rather than think about how it's a curvy road and slow down while the vehicle behind you is pressuring you to go faster.
Lighthouse Visitor Center was free to explore into, as well as the Drake Beach Visitor Center. Drake Beach also has a bookstore where you can buy souvenirs. The observation deck was beautifully to hang in but in our case it was just too windy. Maybe in the future we will finally go inside the lighthouse itself but overall our experience was fulfilling. After the lighthouse stop we also went down to the Chimney Rock where there's two locations for you to see.
  1. Overlook of Elephant Seals to your left.
  2. Lifeboat Station to your right.
Both has Elephant Seals but the left one has a LOT. They are far away though since they lay by the beach. Lifeboat station has free hot drinks where you can enjoy to stay warm and the elephant seals are closer to look at. Wear comfortable shoes! Absorb the beauty of nature and the amazing service of the rangers at all locations. Enjoy!


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