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Every week, I fix our finances (my husband and I's shared expenses). I have three bank accounts that I have checking and savings accounts in. I have so many credit cards that I do not remember at least one complete number or expiration. Trying to shuffle all that is quite confusing. Last year when we were looking for a new place without any assurance, I made a mistake of calculating our budget that was over what we have. Meaning I was paying a lot of our necessities without enough funds on the bank I chose to paid it with. That happened once with my Bank of America. I thought it will not happen again, I was wrong.
  1. Bank of America June 2019 - Checking Account. We were roaming around the bay area to look for a new location to move into and we drove Friday morning to start our journey. I usually finish budgeting every Thursday since that's when the pay stub come in but the money goes in the bank on Friday. I just try to do it as soon as I can, less trouble to think of and I can breathe because either I know we survived all the expenses or we don't have enough meaning cut back the next week. So Friday was so busy until maybe 1800 and when we checked in our room, I saw the emails for my account and right away logged in. $35 each was charged to my account. TWICE. I have two payments from this account that made it deduct twice. From that moment I felt so so so stupid then while dialing their number. Right then and there I apologized again and again and said it has enough funds now (transferred from savings to checking at they very minute) and asked if they can help me out with the fee to be waived. I do not remember anymore if I only talked to one representative or more but I do remember 'Andrew' who helped me to waived it saying they completely understand the situation and thanked me for my honesty. Wow that's a huge relief. THANK YOU for that. I was always a clean customer with my finances so I always use that and of course genuine apologize for the inconvenience and my mistake. This was the correct bank for those funds to take it from, I was just careless to not think about getting enough from our savings.
  2. Citibank February 2020 - Double Cash Credit Card. I thought all is cool. I thank the heavens we survived another week. We were happy on the weekend. Middle of the week (Wednesday to be exact) after that I received an email from Discover saying about the overdraft. Panic as I always am when it comes to money, I checked right away what was going on and I chose the INCORRECT bank to get the funds from to pay my credit card with Citi. Thank the universe again that Discover does not have any overdraft fees which I found out by calling them as soon as possible after I transferred the amount needed from the correct bank. I was told they do not charge at all - $0. Which just made me love Discover even more (no minimum, no monthly fee, no check fee). SO when Discover was taken care of I went to my Citibank account and saw a return fee of $25 posted on a Friday (before that Wednesday when I received the email form Discover). Again, I fix our finances on a Thursday hence me having fun after that until I received the notification. I called Citibank saying how a huge mistake I made and now it has enough funds for it to cover and told them this is the first time I mistakenly chose the wrong bank to pay it from. They told me to wait for my statement balance to cut off and they will help me out. I log in online and chat at least three times to request for it to be waived and was told to wait and they will waive it since I am a long time customer. Tried again a week later and was told by someone in the Client Resolutions Department that it can't be done. I said why would the people in chat say it can be and you can't. She said 'I can't apologize for them' I answered "I'm not asking you too". Annoyed at that service I let it go and decided to wait for my statement to cut off and was thinking they need to help me as I have at least three written statement that once it cuts off it will be waived. 9 days later statement is here and I called 1-800-5114 and after the robo-lady I talked Joy, which tried and was declined for the fee to be waived. I asked for someone else higher than her and I believe she passed me on to her supervisor Gale. I told the same story, apologized and asked to be helped, she said all I can do is try again online, I say "it will give you the same thing as Joy just told me" and asked for a Manager when she answered 'why didn't you say in the first place'. While writing this I have a feeling Gale and whoever I talked to before that can't apologize for the chat people are the same, lol. Back to my puppy voice story, she transferred me to Katey and I repeat myself reiterating how long I stayed with Citi. This manager won't budge ya'll. She said 'it won't let us, I'm sorry'. (continue below)
  3. Disney + Free Trial with Roku February 2020. First time we used this was with my husband email address. After it expired we stopped using it and quit for a while. After the holidays we wanted to try again and used my email address with the same tv we have. It still says 7 day free trial on the email so I though, okay it's all cook, still free and I will just cancel again once it's done. I was wrong. Days later I saw the $6.99 charge on my credit card account and right then and there contacted Roku. As they explained, ONLY ONE email address is allowed per Roku account, or as what I understand it only one per TV just to be safe. So I asked for it to be refunded as I said nobody knows about that ruling and I cancelled it right away to show them I really do not want to pay. More than 2 weeks later I got the refund back on my account.
Ok, that number 2 above was too long, I'm just going to continue it here. At the moment Katey keeps saying I will have to pay $25 fee, I really felt disappointed with Citi. I had that feeling before because they won't give me an increase with my credit limit but that was just me being greedy and in the season of being addicted with credit knowledge. I got over that since it's not necessary. But this one, I was talking to myself thinking of closing my account because of this incident. So I asked Katey, can I pay my remaining balance with you plus the pending one and close it? She said, you can only pay your posted balance plus 7%. I say, okay, I think you will say to wait for the pending balance to post then pay then I can close it right? Then she was looking at profile for a little while, while I am scared to close my account but willing to do it for this. I mentioned I pay every week and never missed a due date. She asked some payments I made and why I did not pay the whole statement balance, I said I was waiting for this return fee to be waived as well as the pending then I'll pay another $30 to make it zero. She checked probably my history again and saw that I do pay quite a lot every month. In the end she gave in saying the fee will be waived but there will be no more waiving in 12  months since clearly this was my mistake. I told her at least then Thank you before we hung up and she thanked me for being a long time customer (since 2014 folks).
ALWAYS do these things when dealing with situations such as mine:
  1. Check if the bank is correct when paying your accounts!
  2. Be honest on the situation.
  3. Apologize for the inconvenience.
  4. Accept responsibility.
  5. Give thanks even if it wasn't resolved at the time.
  6. Don't take it personally.
  7. Clean your credit! (clearly my history helped a lot when I'm in trouble)


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