Saltwater Oyster Depot, Got Plate Lunch, ShareTea, Lumpia N Desserts, DJ Bibingkahan, Pinoy Fried Oriental Store, Station 16, Santa Rosa Seafood, Amorino Gelato

More food! 9 restaurants below. Additional places that makes us doubt ourselves if we really want to save and go on a diet. 
Saltwater Oyster Depot in Inverness, CA. Best oysters ever! My husband has been bugging me to go back to Point Reyes just to eat these oysters again. My favorite is the Rockerfella, men oh me. 4 is not enough. Yet if I eat all 8 by myself I will feel bad. In reality, I did eat 8 oysters though, another baked flavored one and the two kinds of raw which my husband got.
Their clam chowder is okay but not that memorable. The burger was meh per my husband but we will always choose to eat here whenever we are near the area for these oysters. Make reservation! It might look like unnecessary but lots of people love this particular restaurant (like us now).
Got Plate Lunch in Benicia, CA. Cute place but probably won't go back as nothing stands out more than the food we've already tasted with other restaurants. It's good though, just not enough for us to come back and make this one of our regulars. Love the cheesecake though! But my husband said my own cheesecake is better so good luck on deciding!
ShareTea in Vallejo, CA. I love their Taro milk tea which is my go to flavor. Ever since we tried this location, we drink eat once a week (with a weak will not to). Cons though, the line! I know that is good for the business, but man, hire some more people. When it gets two crowded, they make the line go outside instead of staying inside so when it's chilly, it's not the most comfortable line you'll be in. Kind of a fire hazard as well in my opinion as  they don't have a door shutter. Just customers holding the door themselves prior entering.
Lumpia N Desserts in San Pablo, CA. Huge place to eat at. Food is good. I love the tocino and my husband loved his tapa, but the egg though - why so small? Like, you'd think if the cut it in half or something. Just strange since some Filipino breakfast meals even has two eggs. If you come on a Saturday evening, not a lot of people dine in but many do call ahead and pick their food up. I did not like their Lumpiang shanghai. Also, if it's cold outside, lots of their soup are gone. Little tip, make more when it's winter.

DJ Bibingkahan in Vallejo, CA. I love their fried rice. Two eggs? Yes please! Corned beef was meh, will not order that again. Huge servings! Lots of Filipino Cuisine to choose from, husband loves their kaldereta, I love their miswa patola. For snacks we got chicharron which is bomb and kutsinta which I finished in two days. Free water but no free coffee which is confusing as their menus says so. Fast service and inexpensive.
Pinoy Fried Oriental Store in Vallejo, CA Best Crispy Pata ever! Men, the rave reviews were correct. This is such a guilty pleasure! Every bite you make, slow down. Because it's too good, you might eat it too fast and you will be too full. First bite my husband and I make, he said, we'll take our parents to eat here.
Santa Rosa Seafood Raw Bar & Grill. Hmm, my husband and I were not sure what the hype is. Food was okay, sorry to say it was not that memorable for us. My husband liked the calamari, fish was obviously fresh and tasty. Service is quite fast until the system was down and we had to wait for it to be able to pay with a card. They did not accept our tip probably because of the wait we did. Small place for huge crowds.
Amorino Gelato @ Livermore Outlets, CA. I love most of the macarons we purchased. But nothing can be compared to the Laduree in Los Angeles, The Grove. I also ate the crepe they have and it was just another crepe with chocolate. Nothing fancy, nothing memorable.
Station 16 in Sacramento, CA. This is the second best oysters my husband and I had. Don't get me wrong, it's all so amazing. And I meant, all the food we ordered, we'd order again for sure. I got Lobster roll which is really good once you put the butter and lemon before taking a bite. Only thing is once it arrives, the lobster is on top of the bun, not inside so you have to do it yourself.
Husband's sea bass with brown rice - oh my goodness when I say it is so good. So good. Even their fries feels healthy compare to regular fast food french fries. Highly recommended.


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