Jason Mraz & Raining Jane on February 21, 2020

Luther Burbank Center for the Arts in Santa Rosa California. I love the theater itself. Not only it has free parking when you pay for an even in it, the size is just enough for an intimate yet party size capable if necessary. No big screens like those big stadiums have for people to see that's seating too far away.
Also, the size of the seats are comfortable and good width. I myself went to plenty of events place to watch artists perform so I know the typical 'you have to stand for people to get out of that row' situation.
Performance wise, mind blown. I already know Jason Mraz growing so I am aware of his songs but my husband is really a fan where he already saw him in the Philippines back in 2012. He knows all of his songs (that was published) and his discography is one of our go-to music when we go on road trips.
Raining Jane is a band that my husband and I never heard of before. Men, they were really good. I love all of them that is pretty flexible on whatever instrument they need to play. Their energy is not only feminine but also powerful. I love this concert 100%.
If you buy drinks, unless you also buy the cup with the theater name for $3, then you have to finish it outside. It seems expensive for sure, but if you go here pretty often, it's not that bad and the quality of the cup is pretty reliable. I got a coffee for $2, husband got wine for $9, and I also bought cookies for $3 which we finished easily while waiting for the 2nd set to start. There was a 15 minute break from the 1st set.
When we got home, my husband and I keep watching videos of the concert we took. Even the next day, it's such a nice feeling to redo the amazement we felt watching the whole performance.


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