Enjoy your LUXURIES.

Especially at a year like 2020, we tend to forget things, experiences, emotions, etc., that we lived in. As I continue my journey battling Pilonidal Cyst and Hidradenitis Suppurativa, I forced myself to remember all the luxurious things I did, and still can do, (and once in a while afford) in this beautiful life of mine. I hate reading nonsense novels that can be shortened so I will list them and try to explain what the F you should enjoy what you had, have, having.

  1. Candles from Bath and Body Works. Oh how I wish this was sponsored by them, but nah. My husband and I just really enjoy their scents. We once had a dinner party where the wife loves the brand (willing to get up at 0500 and get in line for promotions in holiday season) but the husband is arguing - there's not much difference compare to a 'Walmart' candles. He's wrong. 
  2. Lotions from Bath and Body Works. Yes, I could've included it above but it's two different products. Especially in winter, goodbye flaky skin. Hello smooth skin and smelling amazing.
  3. Buying a Tushy so not a lot of toilet paper will be necessary in our household. Not that we were one of those who fight and hoard, because we wash with water after we do, do.
  4. Eating good food. Sushi, oysters, steak. These rewards to yourself important. Make sure to chew slowly and devour yourself in those taste. My husband and I does and we never regret eating amazingly, knowing it's really good of course. We tend to do this about once a month? And if we do crave for these, we ask ourselves, when was the last time we ate them so we know we don't indulge too much.
  5. Road tripping. Bring food, have a full gas tank, then head out the road to go to places you've never been to. Don't aim to stay overnight so think about your maximum one way driving hours. You'd be surprised how many gems are within you in less than 4 hours.
  6. Your gadget/s. Even if all you have is a smartphone, don't take it for granted. The fact that you can still be connected to anyone in the world amidst pandemic is a blessing. I facetime my parents everyday. (Please don't take this post as an insensitive one, I'm just trying to share my own perspective and hoping it'll give you any spark at all when you're feeling like a mess.) My hobbies are videogames either by myself or with my cousins and editing videos (that clearly nobody watches except my mama but I do them anyway because I love doing it and looking back to our faces when we were experiencing what we experienced).
  7. Good *ss coffee. Most of the time, we drink the Pike's Place from Starbucks (ground) and we always say - hmm, coffee. I always am grateful that even though we have problems financially at the moment, we still get to buy our coffee flavor.
  8. Good pillows. When we moved to the Bay Area in 2019, obviously not everything was budgeted. We chose the cheapest pillows in Ikea and not even weeks later, we went back and returned it. It's not worth to make your neck/back miserable - plus, who doesn't love sleep? Invest and in return, you'd be happier.

When we can, we go to places and do anything. To camping, glamping, hiking, eating, walking.. anything at all. Being outside is safer than being inside right? Jokes aside, don't minimize the pandemic has brought us. I am fortunate enough that my family hasn't gotten sick from it and that we are financially stable as of the moment (no jinx to my surgery soon).

Thanks for reading/watching. Stay safe.


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