Bascom Cleft Lift - Movement capabilities & Pain after math (1 week Journey Post Op)

Been dealing with this since early 2014 and had an excision and drainage surgery March of that year. Unfortunately, it went back and I just deal with it all this time. It does get swollen especially if time of the month is approaching and the wound is closed. That's a no-no - it needs to be opened at all times for the puss to come out. If not, it will get stuck and I will have a hard time walking, sitting, any basic function pretty much. I lost count on how many times I had to go through Urgent Care just to have it opened. Back in 2015, we just moved from Arkansas to California and I met with another surgeon that plans to do the exact same thing and says it's 50/50 because of my history. Mom and I decided to not go with it as long as I can keep living with restrictions due to it's location.

Now that my history has been said, January 4, 2021 - my pilonidal cyst is starting to hurt again. Three days I had to be off work because I cannot move at all. No matter how much I pushed it, squeezed, my wound just won't open. Saturday morning, while laying in bed I felt something oozing in my back. I clenched my butt and did confirmed it opened. Oh my oh my. The relief. Yes it hurts while my husband helped me squeeze it all out but it must be done. I hesitated to go to ER to have a professional looked at it but mom and husband insisted so we did the next day - had to pay $980 (with insurance help). After that ER visit, I contacted my doctor and said I have decided to go through another surgery. Met with a pilonidal specialist in Vallejo January 25, who told me she'll do the same exact process before but wanted to ask another specialist who I met through video call January 29. From that video call I was eager to get it done, asap. Because of the pandemic, not everything is that fast but after almost 2 weeks of not hearing back, I called and persisted to talk to someone for any updates. Don't wanna bore you with details so in the end I got the surgery date: February 23, 2021 - Long Operative Report from Doc..
Pre Surgery KitText Updates
Photos on the left above - pre surgery kit arrived February 17. Wipes to follow through your body and the drink 2 hours before arrival time. Fasting is 8 hours prior arrival time and mine is 1100. I will try to post a silent 'vlog' in the future with clips on that day, and maybe day prior, and the following days. Had to do a covid-19 test February 18 and received the results (negative) the next day. When I was in the waiting room prior surgery, nurse asked me if I want my husband to receive texts for updates of where I'm at (photo on the right above).
Surgery itself, obviously I don't remember sh*t. Last memories I had was in the operation room, read their white board with my information, procedure and 5 names excluding me that's going to be working the room, then was asked by the anesthesiologist if I'm feeling anything (I think the first dose I was given to sleep didn't work?) and I answered nothing really, then a second later I'm done. I woke up and first thing I asked is what time it was - 3pm. I immediately felt my wound hurting so I asked for pain reliever. I also said I feel so nauseated and was given a bag just in case I throw up - really felt like I will but didn't. Was given medicine for the pain and nausea. Woke up an hour later and was offered my phone back so I texted my family. Took naps multiple times while I try to wake myself up and see how I'm feeling. Official out of the hospital by 1730.
Before the surgery, I asked my husband if I can borrow their standing desk that's just sitting in their office so I can continue to work after my surgery and I thank them for lending it to me. Now I will enumerate the days and say what I was feeling, able to do - starting from day after surgery itself so you know what to expect.
  1. Worked for 8 hours. Every time I stop working to take a break, I'd feel so exhausted though. Still a difficult process when it comes to peeing (tried standing, tried standing with a bowl below, tried diaper which was not enough and always leaks, and the most successful - pee in the tub and wash as you wish but careful and remember not to bend) and as bad as it is, I really am stopping my poop because I really don't wanna stand up while doing so.
  2. When I woke up, my body aches. Even laying down, moving from side to standing up hurts. I didn't work. I slept after breakfast but before sleeping for hours, mom walked with me for half an hour. Ate lunch then slept after that too. 5 minute walk in the afternoon after that 'nap'. All day my body hurts and I only move when necessary like peeing and walking. In the afternoon, 2 days after the surgery - my mom finally changed the gauze and see the wound and says it looks good. Since she saw it, I kind of felt comfortable sitting just to poop and men the relief.
  3. Still continued to walk with my mom in the morning, this time a little faster but my body still aches and this time it kind of spreads up to my ankles and hands. It only feels bad when I'm laying down so I distracted myself with work for 8 hours. I'd rather stand up and walk than laydown.
  4. Walked for 5 miles with my mom and husband (second photo at the beginning of this post). Didn't feel bad nor exhausted since we did it by my pace - 2 hours. And not much uphill and the sun feels so amazing.
  5. Felt way better regarding body ache. Can stand up without making sounds (due to pain, lol). Mom had to go back home (thank you mama <3)
  6. My imaginary abs is not hurting anymore when I sneeze! Continue to work full day and don't plan on stopping anytime soon except my next checkup with the doctor. Hopefully I get the go signal to do more movements like upper exercises (of course without weights, I know).
  7. Just can't wait to meet the doctor (one more day). No more hurting at all. Just really irritated with the side effects: yeast infection and diarrhea (controlled though). 
I will be posting another post with more info when it comes to medicine and how the post-op check up goes. Thanks for reading and stay safe :)


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