Bascom Cleft Lift - Shower, Sex, & Drugs (2 week Journey Post Op)

Warning: sexual content stories.

Post Op check up went really quick. I was expecting a numbing cream to remove the Jackson-Pratt drain.. NOPE. Doctor just said this will have a pulling sensation - then boom. Ouch. Prior that, current dressing were remove with no hesitation, even if the patient is hurting when tape is being removed. Next are the sterile strips which will give you a bit of anxiety, but it didn't really hurt. Then the cutting of thread, I was given a warning that it might hurt but also didn't. I shared my experience all throughout the week and was told it looks healthy. I asked if I can do more activities, and was pretty much told don't over do anything yet and listen to your body. If it hurts and uncomfortable, don't do it yet. After the check up which took less than a half hour, including arriving, checking in, waiting to be called, vitals were taken (I have to say I gained 3 pounds since the last weigh in - maybe due to my clothes or the fact that I cannot work out, and meeting with the doctor and the last talk with the nurse.

Shower: I will just list down the days I did take a shower. My surgery day was Tuesday, February 23 so I had to shower the night before. After post op, first day I did shower was Saturday, February 27. Next is 4 days from that, March 3. We do change the gauze almost everyday though, especially if I did poop. March 3 was when I met up with the doctor post op (summary above). Since it's been a week post op, I showered after March 3 every two days - so March 5, then 7, then 9... you get the gist. Having gauze on top of the sterile strips is not required but I prefer to have extra protection since the itchiness is real (signs of healing) and of course for bacteria to not build up. Every shower, change of gauze. I will continue this up to 3 weeks post op.

The photo is the day of post op check up. Since we had the whole day off, we went to a mall nearby after and walked for hours :)

Sex: (to my parents and relatives, please feel free to skip this part, thanks). Hmm. Now this was hard. never thought I'd be so miserable not pleasing my husband in a span of 2 weeks. We were together almost everyday since October 2018 and this has been the longest that we haven't had sex. I will tell a story - and again for those who are close to me who doesn't wanna feel uncomfortable talking to me again, skip this and read starting from the red asterisk. So the story is, not much really haha. Obviously, we really wanna do it once I started feeling better, I'd say about week post op, like even before post op check up, I already had planned to ask my doctor if I can have sex. I didn't ask and just assume that he'd say if I feel comfortable and nothing hurts, it's all good. Days passed, still teasing each other, and finally it's 10 days post op. We tried. We were both ready. And yet. It won't go in. Stop laughing. I'm telling you. I'm ready. And he is obviously. It's like. They just said hi to each other. A quick kiss and they won't do more than that. The end. Of that particular cute yet genuine story. Now that's out of the way, we did do it finally 3 days after that day - almost 2 weeks from surgery date. There's your answer of when you can have sex.


Drugs: I drank the last antibiotic on March 5th. And at this time, my body already adjusted to it - meaning my poop is better as well as the yeast infection. And when I stopped, it kind of messed it up again in a day. I am used to antibiotic having this effect on me for years and the yeast infection a little more recent. How to treat your yeast infection - clean it. Clean it good. Like you should. Yes, I am stopping myself to dance while writing this. With the diarrhea part, just listen to your body. Go if needed. A day after the last antibiotic, I drank the last Ibuprofen of 600mg. It didn't affect me much the next day, no hurting whatsoever except for the 'once in a while pinching' every few hours. Next week I will be back at working full time and might update regarding if I can drive well without hurting and such.

1 week summary post op here. Thanks for reading!


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