Bascom Cleft Lift - Weight, Workouts, and Whatnot (5 week Journey Post Op)

Well well well. Here I am, sitting comfortably (still with a neck roll when I'm at work) but nothing is hurting anymore. My husband still puts a gauze and tape since my wound is still not completely closed but the drain from it (little bit of blood and granulation/puss) is getting less and less. After my 1st check up post op (when the stitches and sterile strips were removed), almost everything kind of smooth sailing. I say almost because when I sent photos to the doctor after 2 weeks post op, I was told this:

After receiving that message, I was a little setback on how quickly I will be back to full on workouts without restricting my movements and longer driving hours which my husband and I both love to do. I waited for that phone call and of course I had to ask if what was given to me was the earliest appointment I can take to meet the doctor. I had the check up March 26th which took not even 5 minutes. Little small talk, little summary of how I'm healing and feeling while my wound is being picked on - left over sutures are being removed. Snip snap then done! Here's the note from the doctor:

Weight Fluctuation: my diet didn't really changed before and after the surgery. Most noticeable that I cut back was water during the first week post op because I cannot sit down to do number 1 & 2. Other than that, I've been eating my regular three meals a day and snacks in between. I'd say my weight went up and down is due to not being able to work out for two weeks for healing purposes (moving actively though).
Jan 27 - 137 lbs.
Mar 3 - 140.3 lbs.
Mar 26 - 136.8 lbs.
Workouts: during my surgery week, I was not able to drive. But, that didn't stop me from earning money (meaning I was still working at home) because of my part time job. Meaning, for the most part of my day, I was standing- working. And when I get tired, I just lay for a few minutes and work again. Now to anyone reading this because of the probability of why I didn't gain much weight while not working out is because I've always been active ever since high school, maybe as early as 2007? Then year 2020 happened. And yet, I didn't stop working out. I even do 4 days a week compare to 3 days before and also adding strength training (lifting). This itself is I think the reason why I didn't float so much while 'resting' to heal. Table below shows the timeline and how often I workout - I don't write it all the time so I might have missed some days that I did? (I will count walking long distances during healing process).
January and February:
March and 'light' workout list:
As long as my wound is not 100% healed/closed, I will not do squats or any lower exercises that will make my buttocks area bend.
To do morning prior surgery - POOP & CUT YOUR TOE NAILS. You're welcome lol.


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