Why I deserve to call in sick.

 The fact that I'm writing this to myself, to justify why I can't work today, shows how toxic my current work life is. But, to my peace of mind, I will list why I deserve it.

  1. I haven't had a rest since March 7th. After the trip to the Philippines for 2 weeks, I worked non stop. There was one day where I left a little after 3PM to go watch something. Where was I the next day? work.
  2. Two people left our crew in the span of 2 weeks. The owner know about them leaving prior to it. For some reason, there's still no replacement up to this point. And of course the good employee I'm trying to be at all times, the work comes on my plate. Like I'm expected to step up even though I wasn't asked about it. It was even recognized - you'l be short staffed. I'm not paid to have that responsibility.
  3. I can't leave at the time I'm supposed to. Especially if the people in the office are still there. Most of them our Salary, I'm hourly. Again, being the good employee I'm trying to be.. I feel bad asking for overtime. Yes, once in a while it balances out because I'm short 1.5 hour last week and this week I asked for 1.5 hour of OT. I can't say, yes please pay OT right because they paid me those 1.5 hour that I wasn't at the office.
  4. Because I got no kids, I don't have the luxury to go to their appointments for many things. I feel bad for even writing this because it sounds like I don't have the sympathy to other people's kids but man. It feels damn unfair that people leave for HOURS while I keep running around to work on everything put on my plate.
  5. People who are paid way more than me, work way less. Know way less. And damn sure give me their job when clearly it's supposed to be theirs. Why you ask? Nepotism. I'm the one that looks different. And no, I'm not saying they're racists in this case.. I'm just not part of their inner circle because I'm not family nor a long time family friend. Bruh, work is work. Give your men some accountability. Not the one person who stayed and clearly running around to EVERYONE's beck and call.
  6. I work fast. Not the faster typer for sure, not the smartest in the room, does not have the best stories nor the sense of humor to lighten up the room.. but damn sure I'm the one who works hard, stays, and learns. Just because I didn't hear you the first time you called me because I fucking multitask the whole office, doesn't mean I can't understand of you just repeat what you said to me.
  7. Damn, why did I let people abuse me. Nothing physical. Yet, I feel exhausted every fucking day ever since I came back. That was 7 weeks straight.
  8. I think I'm forgetting that this is my right. Sure they were nice enough to text me get better and what not, but way before this, I know for a fact that I'm being told that my sick days before were bullshit.
  9. There's no clear future for the company. Like me ex-coworker said, there's no transparency. None.   
What do I do. Do I turn in my 1 month notice tomorrow? 


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