Closed in 25 days - Finally owned a residence after 3 years in an apartment :)

2020: Pandemic hits. Crazy market have started. Continued on saving since 2019.

2021: I had surgery. Still dreaming of owning a place but life's no fair as always.

2022: Kind of gave up on looking and wishing.  Husband got three wisdom teeth pulled out. Then all of a sudden, we realize we ain't getting any younger. Bills will always pile up. Something will happen no matter how much planning you do. And most importantly, our lease will end soon...

June 14 - saw my coworker's unit. Loved it. Fantasize that it's possible to own.

June 19 - saw units on Zillow and requested for tour that afternoon. Didn't happen because it's Father's Day. Did talk with 2 agents though. Entertained one, said goodbye quickly to the other (too much talking, not a good fit for us).

June 20 - Sent out loan application. Checked out three units after work. Just at the entrance of the third property, I knew we're not gonna like it - and we didn't.

June 21 -  Pre approval letter received. Checked out another three units after work. Freaking lovely. That night, we sent out an email to two 'broker' and asked to give us options on two different nonpayment. Total of six properties we looked into. 

June 22 - Sent out an offer with the first realtor we spoke with.

June 23 - Offer was accepted.

June 24 - Escrow starts. Broker says who's the lender.

June 25 - Initial Disclosures received.

June 27 - Turned in initial deposit (due June 28).

June 28 - Appraisal done.

June 29 - Loan is 'conditionally approved'. Pest and Home Inspection done. Lender asked for contact information of hazard insurance agent.

June 30 - Buyer Open Letter received from Escrow. Pest and Home Inspection received.

July 1 - Appraisal Report received.

July 5 - Repair request sent by realtor with two inspection reports included.

July 6 - Pursued homeowner insurance (finished the quote I started in June 29) because Lender says it's what we need to close.

July 8 - Received Closing Disclosures (had errors but was told to sign because it will be corrected since it's not a final document). Also, initial deposit has been removed from bank account.

July 11 - Begging for homeowner insurance to give an EOI as Lender is saying this will cause delay on closing. Revised Closing Disclosures signed and sent.

July 12 - Homeowner insurance policy received @ 0910 but with a future date. This will not be accepted by the lender so phone call was made to the insurance company. Fixed and revised policy received with the effective day of this date @ 1010. Got the phone call from the loan processor @ 1156 saying we have been 'final approved' and will be receiving papers in a few hours. Signed papers with a notary @ 1700.

July 13 - Remaining closing amount wire transferred successfully. Final Walkthrough @ 1100. Received the Grant Deed @ 1547 - final and official last step. CLOSED.

Notes to remember:

  1. Beware of closing costs! You're down payment can go to this but it will not help since it's completely separate.
  2. Hazard insurance is actually a synonym for homeowner's insurance, so it's the same thing. Finalize the quote sooner than you think you'll need it, I made a mistake of not ordering it so lender had to ask me to pursue it (need the policy to close).
  3. You can't control everything. No matter how fast you send documents, something and/or somehow will cause delay whether it's illness, holiday, etc. Damn sucks because you aim for smoothness but that's just the process. Like life, nothing is ever perfect. 
  4. Closing can be earlier that what your told initially. Happened to us - 1 day early.
  5. Take a break from reading. There will be too much papers and it is overwhelming. One step a time and it will be all good.
I put this in the 'Extreme' part because purchasing a property is no chill' - at least in our experience <3


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