Furniture Shopping - I kind of regretted being peer pressured.

It's fun to shop. I am not so proud of this to admit especially for someone as 'cheap' as me but is. We did have some extra to buy some furniture. We even looked before we closed but didn't buy to not jinx anything. Now that we are living in the new place, it's time to add something for this new chapter. Since a second bedroom has been added, another bed is necessary. Not really since it's just my husband and I. Typically we'd use it as an office, as he already does but guests will come for sure. Hence the first item below..

  1. Mattress Protector $80.00 - This was offered to us when buying a new mattress. For three years we'd been living by ourselves, we never felt the need to buy a mattress protector. Of course, my husband was persuaded to get one and I was too embarrass to say no to it because I've always felt like the cheap one this partnership. I handle our finances so I know where we stand. Sure there's a deal if 50% so technically we pay for half and get a $50.00 free pillow. Just sucks because it's not part of the budget and if I say no to it, I'm saying no to a protector of dirt which I love because I enjoy cleaning. Oh, and of course now, I have to buy another one for the old mattress that we have (even though it's has dirt on it from us, duh). I just ordered one from Amazon for less than $12.00.
  2. Furniture Protection $150.00 - Men oh men. I never get warranties and sh*t on stuff I buy. I have no idea why I let this go through. It's 5 year protection for a sofa. Granted, having this feels luxury especially of our little baby Cosmo comes by for a visit and if we do have kids. But boy, I feel robbed. When were given the total, I assumed this was not included. But it is. So in reality, it kind of tricked me thinking it wasn't there and then surprised - you got the protection! I'm just not a fan of it not be disclosed clear enough for me to have a say in it. Control freak much huh. 
Without taxes and whatever California has to add on top of its citizens' headache, that's a total of $230.00. And not to mention, we are over our budget so this didn't help. I'm not the best at confrontation honestly, just snide comments like a usual b*tch.


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