N400 Oath Ceremony Oct 2022 from K1 Visa, Passport Process in 6 weeks

Well, hello. We've come a long way, haven't we? From myself going thru the oath ceremony back in December 2017, to applying for my then boyfriend a fiancé visa the same week I finished the N400. In less than 5 years, he got his own naturalization certificate. Kind of a proud moment for the both of us and for our families. It wasn't a smooth sailing, that's for sure. From him being denied a tourist visa (twice). needing to send an RFE before getting the approval for a K1 visa, to me being so excited and made him go to the Manila Embassy TOO early (without his papers arriving so interview was a waste), his green card expiration date being incorrect, and other things that I got too lazy to record.

October 3
1030 Came in the door
1035 in line (4th) for check in
1038 entertained
1041 seated to wait
1114 called in

Had to come back since the first interview was for 'Removal of Conditions' and the next one is for the 'Naturalization'.

1145 left for lunch
1235 back
1255 passed

  1. Highest law of the land- constitution 
  2. Court of land- supreme court
  3. Why state has more rep
  4. Vp becomes pres when he dies
  5. Who is vp
  6. Why US rebel against UK- high taxes
Who is Abraham Lincoln?
Abrahan Lincoln was the president during the Civil War.
October 26
Put -700 Event Center NOT ‘at the grounds’
$10 parking cash or credit.

0709 parked
0716 joined in line
0835 attendant checked paper; I stayed outside since guests are not allowed inside.
0912 couple in front of us came out
0919 just seated inside
0940 oath done
1008 out.

He noticed that if you go in a couple or more, you get out faster. Since my husband is by himself, the other 'solos' with him had to wait for the group to be filled up.
Unlike our experience with the naturalization ceremony, this one does NOT give the opportunity to change your name. Sadly, when he asked about it, he was told to go to court to get it changed. How times have changed. 

Same day after the oath taking, we went to the USPS and applied for his passport.  Same requirements for documents and a photo. Make sure to use BLACK ink on the application unlike my husband who used blue ink and only realized it when he finished the whole application (someone's a bit excited for a blue passport, lol). He paid $130 for the application fee and $35 for execution fee. An increase of $35 from 5 years ago with my experience. December 8 is when we got it on the mail (it could've arrived earlier but that's when I remember to check it) after 6 weeks. 


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